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Looking to launch an epic travel YouTube channel? 

Maybe you've found yourself feeling stuck with a lack of direction with your channel or even just your videos?

Get engaging, practical guidance on the fundamentals of creating epic travel videos with Karl Watson. This in-depth Masterclass will give you the knowledge, direction and inspiration you need to step up to the next level with your own videos.

If you're just starting out, this is the perfect way to jump start your video creation and if you've already started, this Traverse Masterclass will help you to transform your videos from average to epic.

If you have a question, send us a quick message on Facebook messenger (bottom right of the screen).

Course Overview

  • 01


    • Welcome

    • How To Use This Traverse Masterclass

    • Before we get started...

  • 02

    What Camera?

    • Lesson 1: Which Camera

    • Lesson 2: Understanding your camera

    • Lesson 2 Review: Understanding your camera

  • 03

    Preparing to film

    • Lesson 1: What to film?

    • Lesson 2: Shot composition

  • 04

    Filming your trip

    • Lesson 1: How to talk to camera

    • Lesson 2: Shooting B-Roll

  • 05

    Preparing to edit

    • Lesson 1: Introduction To Post-Production

    • Lesson 2: How to back up and organise your footage

    • Lesson 3: Organise and break down footage in FCPX

  • 06

    Learn the basics of editing

    • Lesson 1: Final Cut Pro X Layout

    • Lesson 2: Organising & Playback

    • Lesson 3: Bringing clips onto your timeline

    • Lesson 4: Timeline tools

    • Lesson 5: Text, Transitions, Storylines & Speed

    • Reference: Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Bonus: Karl Watson's Ultimate FCPX Shortcut Cheat Sheet PDF

    • Chapter 5 Review

  • 07


    • Lesson 1: Editing a scene

    • Lesson 2: Editing an entire film

  • 08

    Music & Audio

    • Lesson 1: Finding music

    • Lesson 2: Editing music & audio

  • 09

    Finalising Your Video

    • Lesson 1: Colour grading

    • Lesson 2: Graphics

    • Lesson 3: Watching it through

  • 10

    Uploading To YouTube

    • Lesson 1: Set up your channel & upload video

    • Congratulations!

    • Before you go...



Karl works in London as a freelance video editor and has a YouTube channel of TV-style travel documentaries from his backpacking adventures around the world.

Breaking the mould of travel vlogs, these award-winning feature-length films give an honest, inspiring, fun and entertaining depiction of what it’s actually like to be a backpacker, allowing the audience to experience the highs and the lows of life on the road.

Karl has worked in the media industry for over 12 years, and as his YouTube channel gradually took off, his hobby and professional videos have started to meet in the middle.

109k Subscribers
Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries


Jump straight in!


  • Learn to create epic videos that you'd love to watch

  • Know which camera to use and how to use it

  • Shooting techniques and ideas for your travels

  • How to prepare your footage before editing

  • Editing techniques and tips

  • Learn how to use music and graphics in the right way

  • Learn how to make your audience feel your journey

What's included?

  • 9 Chapters Topics

  • 22 Video Lessons

  • Five and half hours of engaging video lessons


  • Is it the right Traverse Masterclass for me?

    This Traverse Masterclass is for you if: You're just starting out, this masterclass will create an solid platform for developing your skills. If you have created videos before but want to see much better results to rise above the rest.

  • What is the format of this Traverse Masterclass

    The course is a self-paced video course, so you can go at your own pace, dip in and out depending on how much time you have.

  • Will the course be too technical for me?

    Not at all, if you've watched any of Karl's videos or ever attended one of his sessions at Traverse you'll know that Karl is a superb teacher.

  • Is there direct support from the instructor for this Traverse Masterclass

    Unfortunately there isn't direct support for this course.

  • Is the everything available straight after purchasing?

    Yes, you get access to all chapters and lessons straight away.

  • How long do I have access the Traverse Masterclass

    You'll have full access to this Masterclass for 12 months.

  • I don't use Final Cut Pro, is the course still right for me?

    The software used during the editing lessons is Final Cut Pro. However, out of the 16 video lessons on post-production, only 2 of them focus on functionality that is specific to FCPX. All of the other topics covered (e.g. colour grading) have their equivalent plugin / function in Adobe Premiere. Plus, some of them also dive into the theory and decision making process of editing, which applies to any software. Also please note the first half of the course is on filming your travels, before delving into the post-production.

  • Can I use mobile & is purchasing secure?

    Although we recommend experience the Traverse Masterclass on desktop our platform is fully mobile responsive. We process your payment with encryption via established online payment provider, Stripe. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security.

  • I have a different question

    If you have a question that's not already been answered, try our Facebook messenger on the bottom right of the screen.


Diego Cantalapiedra

5 star rating

“The first time I watched one of Karl's travel documentaries on YouTube, I was truly amazed. You see, I lived in London for 5 years, and enjoyed British TV documentaries immensely over there. They are produced in a very unique way, and Karl's trave...”

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“The first time I watched one of Karl's travel documentaries on YouTube, I was truly amazed. You see, I lived in London for 5 years, and enjoyed British TV documentaries immensely over there. They are produced in a very unique way, and Karl's travel documentaries have that unique and professional essence that set them apart from the rest of travel vlogs on YouTube. Needless to say (and after having endured another travel vlogger 'How to' video course), I didn't think twice when I heard that Karl Watson was making this 'How To Create Epic Travel Videos From Scratch' course, and I immediately bought it. I wanted to make videos like the British TV documentaries I love. I wanted to make videos like Karl's. And not because I aspire to have a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers; it's simply because I want to make videos I'd love to watch again and again. Videos that would make me relive those moments and feel the same feelings, which is what Karl teaches in this course. The course goes to the point, and is full of useful tips for getting the best results and avoiding common mistakes. It never gets boring and doesn't disappoint. I've got a lot of raw footage (my wedding, my honeymoon, little escapades with my wife and son…), and finally I feel confident enough to have a go at editing and perhaps create something I'll be proud of. I hope this helps anyone undecided, although I know anyone who has watched one of Karl's videos, does not need my advise.”

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